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Board of directors

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Major Agenda Items in 2017 Board Meetings
Major Agenda Items in 2018 Board Meetings
Major Agenda Items in 2020 Board Meetings
Major Agenda Items in 2021 Board Meetings
2020 Evaluations of the Board and Directors
Board Member Diversity Policy
Communication Between the Independent Directors, Internal Audit Executive, and Accountant
The Rules for Performance Evaluations of the Board of Directors


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Remuneration Committee
Audit Committee
2020 Evaluation of Audit and Remuneration Committee

Internal audit

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Internal Audit

Corporate governance procedures and regulations

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1. Company Bylaws
2. Rules of Procedure for Shareholder Meetings
3. Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings
4. Election of Directors
5. Asset Acquisition or Disposal Procedure
6. Regulations Governing the Management of Endorsements and Guarantees
7. Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others
8. Codes of Ethical Conduct
9. Principles of Ethical Corporate Management
10. Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles
11. Regulations Governing the Scope of Responsibilities of Independent Directors
12. Operating Procedures for Handling Material Nonpublic Information and Preventing Insider Trading
13. Procedures Governing Applications of Trading Halt and Resumption of Trading
14. Corporate Governance Code
15. Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct
16. Regulations for the Self-Appraisal or Peer Appraisal of the Board of Directors
17. Regulations for the Performance Appraisal of Managers
18. Human Rights Policy
19. Environmental Protection and Health and Safety Policy
20. Organizational Regulations for the Remuneration Committee