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About Us


Identity Name Corporate Shareholder Current Position
Chairperson ChingLeou Teng                          
  • Chairperson and Chief Pharmaceutical Officer of PharmaEssentia Corporation
  • Director of PharmaEssentia Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  • Director of PharmaEssentia (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  • Director of PharmaEssentia Japan KK
  • Director of PharmaEssentia USA Corporation
  • Director of PharmaEssentia Korea Corporation
  • Director of Apeximmune Therapeutics
Director KoChung Lin  
  • Director and CEO of PharmaEssentia Corporation
  • Director and CEO of PharmaEssentia USA Corporation
  • Director of PharmaEssentia Japan KK
  • Executive Director of PharmaEssentia Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Chairperson of PharmaEssentia Korea Corporation
  • Director of PharmaEssentia Singapore Pte Ltd.
Director ChanKou  Hwang  
  • General Manager of PharmaEssentia Corporation
  • Supervisor of PharmaEssentia Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Director of Panco Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Director BenYuan Chen


  • Chairman of Chuan Hwa Book Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Yui-Da Culture Business Co., Ltd. 
  • Chairman of Chuen-Yi Information Co., Ltd. 
  • Chairman of Chuan-Hsun Computers Co., Ltd. 
  • Chairman of Taichung Chih-Yung Senior High School 
  • Chairman of Nantou Jerry Foundation 
  • Chairman of Da-Kao Communications Co., Ltd. 
Director ShenYou Gong EON Capital Group Limited

Representative of EON Capital Group Limited

Director YenChign Hwang National Development Fund, Executive Yuan

Special Committee Member of Department of Industrial Development of National Development Council


Chao Chung Kuo

Yao-Hwa Co., Ltd. Management Commission

Director of CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Director ShenYi Li  
  • Chairman of Singapore Hengyi Fund Co., Ltd.
  • Supervisor of Chinese Culture University
  • National Policy Advisor
  • Independent Director of WIN Semiconductors Corporation
  • Independent Director of Capital Securities Corporation
  • Director of Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
  • Supervisor of Dharma Drum Humanities and Social Improvement Foundation
  • Director of East Tender Optoelectronics Corporation
  • Vice Chairman of Taiwan New Economy Foundation
Independent Director Patrick Y. Yang  
  • Director of Polaris Pharmaceuticals
  • Vice chairperson of National Resilience, Inc.
  • Chairperson of AlttruBio, Inc.
  • Chairperson of Acepodia, Inc.
  • CEO of Patrick Y. Yang, LLC
  • Board Director of Sana Biotechnology, Inc.
  • Board Director of Antheia, Inc.
  • Board Director of Codexis, Inc.
Independent Director JinnDer Chang  
  • Director of Crown & Co., CPAs
  • Adjunct Professor of Department of Law, National Chung Hsing University
  • Arbitrator of Republic of Chinese Arbitration Association, Taiwan and Taiwan Construction Arbitration Association 
  • Chairman of Corporate University Cultural and Educational Foundation
  • Chairman of Chung Cheng University Academic Foundation
  • Independent Director of Hug Eng Wire & Cable
  • Chairnan of Jukao Engineering Corporation
  • Chairman of Guanbao International Consulting Co., Ltd.
Independent Director JienHeh Tien  
  • Senior Deputy General Manager of XW Pharma
  • Consultant of SCI Pharmtech. Inc.